Official Cast of Chinese We Got Married

pic source: Koala

In the past month, a lot of speculations were made about who will star in the upcoming Chinese remake of popular (and a little bit scandalous) Korean variety show ‘We Got Married’. The name of the show will be We are in Love (Let’s fall in Love). It will be coproduced with MBC. It is important to note that the couples will neither be living together in this version nor get actually married! :O What will they do then to fill up the TV timeslot? :O Anyway, lineup is now official since the couples already started filming.


I remember the news that ex-member of korean kpop boyband Kris (Wu Yifan) was supposed to appear with the It Girl of the year, C-actress Tang Yan and I am happy to see that this couple did not make the cut. After all, Tang Yan already has too many work and filming to do to start a fake marriage. As for Kris, I guess any member of EXO (or ex-member in his case) should just not participate in fake coupling for the sake of their partner…

sidenote: My guess Kris is not on the Show because Siwon (his old labelmate) is instead casted. And it would be so akward if both were on the same show so they had to cut one idol out.

Other disappointment is to see that Jerry Yan will not be participating in the show with Liu Wen and Siwon will take his spot. Liu Wen is extremely popular in all Asia so it is weird to see that Siwon gets the chance to be her onscreen hubby. Plus, they don’t even speak the same language. And seriously, when it comes to entertainment, the best shows are done when people on the show can actually COMMUNICATE! Below some BTS of them filming together:

Other couple is made of C-actor Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang) and C-actress Xu Lu. I don’t know the girl, but I am sure the Kimi Qiao will bring so much laughter to the show! He recently appreared on the popular variety Happy Camp and talked about his dating tips. Oh gosh he is way too macho. For example, he says if the girl asks him if she is pretty, he would answer something like ” go ask your dad!” Also, if the girl asks him where to go eat, he would actually bring her to the first restaurant he sees down the road. Not romantic at all… LOL

Finally, the last couple to make the cut is the popular TW actress who shifted her career to China: Ruby Lin! Yes, after taking on the Noonas over Flower show, it is time to film We Got Married! She is a very popular actress and is very pretty. My guess is that her casting will get a lot of views from older generations (since she played in the most popular TV drama of all time Princess Returning Pearl). In the past, she dated Jimmy Lin and (maybe Alec Su too). Plus, for a 40s year old, she looks super young! Her partner in crime will be Ren Zhong (but I have no idea who he is … ._.)


4 thoughts on “Official Cast of Chinese We Got Married

  1. Hi! Do you have any idea when will this start airing? I was sooo looking forward to seeing Jerry Yan on a variety show too and am completely upset that he once again escaped from my eyes 😦 hahaha.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hey 🙂 Pretty sure the first three episodes are already out. Search this word 我们相爱吧 on Youtube and there are a ton of people who are uploading. Or just go stalk the youtube account of 江苏卫视官方频道China JiangsuTV Official Channel 😀


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