[TW Drama Review] 鬥魚 The Outsiders 2004

First, this series should not be confused with the popular American novel of the same name written by S.E. Hinton. Second, this is a short review because the drama had been out such a long time ago my memory is not good enough for in depth analyse of everyone/everything. Sorry v_v

The Taiwanese drama 鬥魚 aired in 2004 (April to August) and brought Ady An and Dylan Guo to the attention of the general public. Although Ady An often refuted any link with Dylan Guo, the fans of the show are desesperately shipping the OTP. The sequel was later made by popular demand for the later half of 2004.

20 Episodes

Plot (from wikipedia)

Three sworn brothers, Yu Hao (Dylan Kuo), Shan Zi (Blue Lan), and Yang Xiong Qi (Michael Zhang), that are delinquents, grew up together fighting local neighborhood rivals. Although they are not triad gangs, they make enemies with them when they offend some of their members. Yu Hao who is considered the leader of the three falls for good girl Xiao Yan Zi (Ady An). Yan Zi comes from a well to do family and has been taking piano lessons since she was young hoping to become a pianist. Yan Zi runs into a bloodied Yu Hao in the streets and saves him. Yu Hao who has always been in love with Yan Zi uses this chance encounter between the two to break the ice and chase after Yan Zi. But the three sworn brothers end up joining triad gangs when they have to protect Yan Zi.

The series had a way darker and dramatic twist to the story that I personnally do not like. However, the cast did such a great job that we soon forget they are just teenagers. I think I cried so much while watching this show. I just wanted the OTP to be happy together :’D

The main trio who are the bad boys at school (and of course, the POPULAR bad boys. After all, which girl can resist the tentation of a bad boy… =_=). They are actually quiet charming, and is shown that they are not doing the bad boy image because they want to, but because of necessity. They actually have a soft heart. I really like their friendship and think they balance each other well. The only problem I have with them is why the hell is Yu Hao (Dylan Guo’s character) is so blind to what is happening around him. Doesn’t he understand that when one of his best friend went to prison and his own girlfriend doesn’t want to let him touch her, something really bad must have happened? Also, his other best friend is so hot tempered he is causing too much troubles to his friends. Oh well, friends will always be friends.

ps; S/O to Blue Lan as number 1 best friend because he is so perfect in this!!!

Ady An is an amazing actress and this show just shows her worth even more. It gave her more and more opportunities to shine and now she is being casted right and left in the Chinese entertainment. Great job girl! In this drama, she plays a good girl from a good family that sadly falls  in love with a gang member. They truly love each other, respect each other. She tries to stay the good girl she is and even wants to become a pianist. However, when something terrible happens to her, she harder herself to become worth her soul mate. I love her friendship with Blue’s character (especially when he said he is ready to bring her away of the mafia world in a heartbeat if she is ready to do so).

In 20 episodes, it is hard to well develope each character, but they did a great job. The drama was gorgeous and really drag me into their world. Can’t believe it had been 11 years since it airs. Time sure pass fast.


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