Choi Siwon’s Infamous Look on ‘To The Fore’ 破風 Movie Set

The movie that featured Choi Siwon (Super Junior member) , Eddie Peng, Shawn Dou and Wang Luodan had recently attracted the attention of fans for the depiction of Siwon’s character. Actually, all males had the same problem, but obviously, Choi Siwon was more noticeble thanks to his red suit (and also how confident he is in showing that area of his body… )


The HK movie (or Chinese, it is hard to say) is supposed to open for August 2015 (plus exactly on 08/07/2015). However, for us international fans, unless the movie is pick up for international release, we will have to wait a while before it becomes available to everyone. 😦 And I thought I was hoping to see gorgeous males on bikes soon.

The apperance of Siwon on Infinite Challenge caused the media attention toward Siwon’s fortune cookie v_v I love how all the cast of the IC variety show is making fun of Siwon, while netizen/inetizen ELF are not surprised at all at his derp image.

Sidenote, but Siwon is quiet busy these days, with drama/movies in China and variety shows in both China and Korea. He has another C-drama coming up soon too! SM, come on, give some attention to your other artists!

 photo TTF7.jpg

 photo TTF8.jpg

 photo TTF9.jpg

At least, it looks like the guys are having fun on the show!

 photo TTF2.jpg

Maybe it is just me, but I am hungry for some summer BBQ. O-O

New stills:

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