More Stills for 何以笙箫默 My Sunshine Movie + Trailer!

Hi netz (I am trying names for you guys… but it feels weird ._., sorry)!!

We are having midterms weeks right now and it is truly depressing. However, a good thing happened today: more  stills for movie My Sunshine (plus another trailer)!! I am really pumped up, especially since the editing looks awesome and I personally have a weakness for artistic movies 🙂 Plus side: HXM and Tao both looks godly in them ^^ The additional cast (Angelababy and Tong Dawei) also look great.


Huang Xiaoming been the usual eye candy


Baby, aka the fiancee of HXM, appears as star guest


Kyaaa!! Okay. End of my fangirling moment. ._.


Love is in the air :DD


Yang Mi looking gorgeous (Who would have guessed she was pregnant last year??)


Okay. This is the scene that I will be anticipating.

005x9eEFjw1eqnijw20b1j30hs0b4dgy 005x9eEFjw1eqniknn7mcj30qo0gndjj tumblr_n8xz9mT9EH1ri77xpo6_1280

Second Trailer below (I will change it for a youtube video when it is uploaded since Sina does not work in a lot of countries) Compare to the first one, it is more packed with actions and dramatic scenes.


The press conference for the movie (or Huang Xiaoming promoting with his Baby! hehe)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The movie will come up on the 1rst May. ^^


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