Insanity starring Huang Xiaoming and Sean Lau [NOW IN THEATERS]

A new movie for Huang Xiaoming? Yes! I am not even a Huang Xiaoming fan and yet, I feel like we have posted so many articles about him. Oups. Anyway, Chinese actors are like busy bees so and this one needs to work hard to finance his wedding later this year! 😉 The movie is directed by David Lee and stars Huang Xiaoming, Sean Lau, Alex Fong, Fiona Sit, Paw Hee-ching and Michelle Ye. It opened in theater on April 3rd 2015.

Insanity is a thriller/mystery movie about a psychiatrist trying to help cure a psychopath using medical treatment. As I am taking a class right now about ‘Psychopath’, I can tell you will my expert point of view that keuf keuf psychopaths are reallyyyyy hard to cure. Psychopaths do not realize what they are doing is bad, they have no conscious and no feeling of guilt. They will use you for their own advantages. Stay away from them!! But, of course, since this is a movie, let’s hope HXM is successful with his mission…

 photo In 19.jpg

 photo In 5.jpg

 photo In 8.jpg

 photo In 14.jpg

At the press conference:

Poor Sean, nobody pays attention to him!

 photo In 2.jpg

 photo In 3.jpg


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