D-5: Let the countdown for Run Brother Start!


Deng Chao, silly child, I mean… adult

Run Brother Run! New promotional pictures for next week 🙂 I am totally enjoyed the first season and would love to see it next week again on my screen ^^. Angelababy, Li Chen and Zheng Kai are the three whose popularity skyrocket the most since last year while all the members where actively invited at tons of Year End activities thanks to the variety show.

Wang Baoqiang sadly will not be returning, replacing him will be Bao Bei Er, another comedy actor. I think I will be missing Baoqiang but Bei Er is also a good entertainer and the overall balance of the show should be maintained to what it used to be. I seriously miss seen Deng Chao under the public eye, so this will be his highly anticipated return for me. As previously stated, the show has already an impressive list of guest stars: Fan Bingbing, Han Geng, Ivy Chen… to name a few.



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