Movie Forever Young 栀子花开 Directed by the Popular He Teacher

1 Zhang Huiwen/Candy Zhang

He Jiong or He Teacher/He Laoshi is the Main MC on popular Chinese Variety show ‘Happy Camp‘, show that has being running for more than 10 years. However, this project is not one to make you laugh, but instead stare in awe. Seriously, the stills are so gorgeous! The movie is called Forever Young 栀子花开 and will be released on July 10th 2015. Funny sidenote, but he promised during a press conference that the public won’t have to worry: he is not going to cast good friend Xie Na for his movie. Awwwnn, too bad, because I like her acting keke

The movie shares the same name as his famous song ‘Gardenia in Blossom’ 栀子花开 so I am guessing he is putting his all in this production to offer us a great movie! I mean, look at the stills, they are gorgeous! The Photoshop skills are amazing *_*

2 Zhang Xin Yu3 Hsin Ai Lee (?)4 Coco Lee (?)5 Li Yifeng6 Jiang Jinfu7 Wei Da Xun8 Du Tianhao9 Zhang Yun Long10 Nichkhun11 Wang Yu Shuo

Press Conference:

1 2 U253P4T8D7199704F107DT20150410214712 U253P4T8D7199706F107DT20150410214728


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