Tang Yan, Lou Yixiao, Kris Lee etc. sports COACH bags

I sincerely hope COACH is going to become the best selling bag brand these years, considering how many promos featuring popular actors and singers they released this year! The selection sure looks nice and oh woah, I am so in love with the little blue bag Tang Yan is holding. Prepare yourselves because here it comes, a spam of COACH bags:


The most recent photo shoot was released this week and made me awe in front of Tang Yan’s perfect complex and beauty. And even if I am not suppose to, I felt more for the shoes than the bag.


Lou Yixiao. She is one of the main cast of the wildly popular sitcom Ipartment (aka Love Appartment). The show is a kind of mix of Friends and How I met your Mother where six young adults lives in one same appartment. She has that kind of vivid big sister personality on the show ^^.


More radiant Tang Yan. Oups, did we forget to look at the bag?


More blue bag ^^


More Yixiao with a sexy leopard concept


Lee Yuchun. She is super popular right now as one of the most bankable singer. I think she was finalist on hit show Super Girl a few years ago.


Lee Yuchun with her cute green bag


Aaron of Fahrenheit. No need for introduction right? As the youngest member of Fo, he is super cute and a god singer. Recently, he is doing more dramas than songs though…


And more with a bag


And more bag….


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