[Variety Show Review] Happy Camp


Happy Camp exists for more than ten years now and is the most popular entertainment shows in China. However, it seriously lack exposure from the outside world, so here is a fast little introduction to its cast member and its concept!

Like the Korean show Running Man, it contains a big crew of fix members that tends to outnumber the number of guests each week. That one time all the exo members went on it, the MC himself said it was the most guests they ever got for one day at the platform. hmmm… Each week, it receives famous actors and singers from the c-entertainment and promotes the popular dramas, movie and TV shows. Many big names came on the show such as:


Here, Gao Yuan Yuan and Nicholas Tse promoting their movie.


With the TF Boys


EXO as 12 (Let’s start crying)… but LOL, where are the MCs?


Handsome men are here: Zhang Han, Yang Yang, William Chan and Kris Wu… haha, our two MC looks so small


With Han Geng, Bibi and five super models ^^

Here is a quick profile of its main cast:

He Jiong: Aka the short one. Aka the main MC. Aka the monkey teacher. Aka the most respected MC of the show. He started in 1998 with Li Xiang (the oter main MC of the show who sadly left in 2002 and was replaced by Xie Na) He is a well respected figure in the field and has one of the most follow up on Weibo.


Li Weijia: Started in 1999. He is quick and all, but sadly doesn’t have the presence of He Jiong. He is more subtle but still a very good MC.


Xie Na: Started in 2002. She is funny, edgy and loud. Loud in the sense that she will often talk over the guests when she thinks she is funny and capable to entertain the live public. The ting is, she IS funny. And she is super fun to listen to, but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish she would have let the guests talk a little more.

Hai Tao: Considered as the chubby newbie that they need to take care of and at the same time, laugh at. He is hilarious most of the time, while not talking as much as the main three and seems to be the genuine and hardworking kind. He also cry easily and always seems to be bullied (in a friendly way of course)

Wu Xin: Started at the same time as Hai Tao, she is sadly far from been a good MC. Her jokes come up as awkward and plain and are often left uncommented because nobody really knows how to respond. She seems nice but you can definitely feel she is not well cut for the entertainment industry.

Overall, the cast can be really fun and they definitely work well together. So well than I often feel like the guests are been left out during the show, which quite frankly, just feel unprofessional. On the other hand, they definitely keep the show entertaining and I often catch up one or two episodes per week!


2 thoughts on “[Variety Show Review] Happy Camp

  1. omg… yangyang is very handsome.. its just he is a little bit shorter than fanfan..

    i watch a couple of episode of happy camp, which i luckily found subbed version in youtube. the MC are really loud, i don’t mind that just one thing i don’t like is when they like to assume what the guest is thinking… example;

    *kris made a shock face..*
    Xie Na (screaming) : he must be thinking ‘why me’…
    He Jiong: No No.. he must be thinking ‘you only calling me now’?

    (dialogues above are made up. too lazy to rewatch n give actual example, if u watch alot u understand what i mean)

    the MCs like to do this tooooooooo many times…it’s annoying. i was like… ‘wow.. become happy camp MC can make you an expert in face and mind reading’. when they do this.. its makes the guest missed the timing to speak, especially newbie or shy type guest.


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, it is hard to beat Wu Yifan when it comes to height though… 😛
      I thought like that at first too when I was watching Happy Camp and, at the time, I was always comparing them to the way more respectly Yoo Jaesuk (MC of the Korean Running Man). However, after a while, you really learn to enjoy the mcing of Xie Na and He Jiong… 😛 They are actually quiet funny and sometimes the guests are not. So having them there really make the show go smoothly.
      But I do agree, it is hiritating to see that their tendency to cut other prevent some shy guests to shine on the show. On the bright side, more and more variety shows are now available in China, so Happy Camp is not the only place to fangirls on celebrities anymore 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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