Entertainment Update: One Minute More, My Sunshine, We Got Married, etc.


First, Wallace Huo is working on a new movie 真相禁区 also translated as Truth Zone. It should be released for September 2015 and started filming this month. So sadly, no pictures yet, but the annoucenment is made! To encourage him, here are some extra pictures of him at the Beijing Film Festival. More pictures of the festival soon (original post).


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Talking about Wallace Huo, I know there is no still about his new drama Hua Qian Gu with Zhao Liying BUT it is still a hot topic online right now thanks to all the fans hyping about it. Here are some comparisons between how the actors playing the second leads look like and their cartoon counterpart. Pretty nice depictions in my humble opinion :3

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And talking about Zhao Liying (what a happy concidence that everything goes toward Zhao Liying right?), her new drama Legend of Zu with Nicky Wu and William Chan had their fans mixing up colors to bring out better stills!

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Also BTS:

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And stills from the trailer:


Next, we have You are My Sunshine, always strong with their promotional startegy. The stills look good so we are hoping the movie will be worth all the expectation!

Original post clic here

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In the past week, the leads of the movie Love Me Love My Dog went to manyyy promotional events for the movie (leads are Janine Chang and Peter Ho + the adorable BIG dog).

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Chen Qiao En’s movie I am a Queen is also releasing more goodies for her loyal fans. It opened in theater on April 16th.

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Also, did you know the Variety show We Got Married Chinese version started airing? Did you catch it? I think I love Siwon and Liu Wen couple the most for now! :3 ps; so many posters… :O

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My favorite OTP:


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Also, Alec Su’s new movie Left Ear released more stills and went on Happy Camp this week-end to promote. Young generation of c-actors coming through!

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Those news are not big enough? Oh well, it seems that A BIG movie is coming up your way for summer 2016 (so far away I know). The author and director of movie series Tiny Times, Guo Jingming, will produce another movie based on his writings. It is supposed to be called L.O.R.D., Legend of Ravaging Dynasties. Although no casting offers was officialised, fan of the story are already guessing who will be the leads. Why am I not surprised William Chan and Kris Wu are some of the possible names?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Talking about Kris Wu/WuYifan, you probably know he is filming a movie right now with the Fairy Goddess Liu Yifei, right? Well, the movie just added a new member to the casting! Yes, Li Qin will join in. I don’t know her well, but I think she is popular. The movie is called 原来你还在这里 So You’re Still Here.




Next (ouf it is a long post): drama Whirlwind Girl. It will star both Chen Xiang and Yang Yang, but also Hu Bingqing. The drama will be about Taekwondo and will probably be released for Summer…

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And! To end all in beauty, some stills for 爱你万缕千丝 Love You Thousands of Silk (that title made no sense ._.).

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