[Recap] Noona Over Flowers Ep.6


So much drama in this episode that the series feel more like a scripted reality show than a real travel where people get the chance to enjoy each other’s company… Oh well, I have to admit when one of the noonas is hitting menopause, it really does change the mood on a group trip. There was no important touristic event in episode 6, as the group was mostly eating and traveling on plane/auto car to the next destination.

1- Discussion of the noonas about Ma Tianyu


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Wang Jie starts a conversation about how reserve and introvert Tianyu is. In her opinion, he should get a chance to be more outgoing, less shy (poor dude… he was just next to her..) Indeed, TY lost his mom when he was five year old and had to learn how to cook really fast. Xu Jie then says Tianyu is probably just an introvert person and feels more comfortable this way, so they should just let him be. Next scene, in a cafe, Wang Jie continues to talk about TY and Ma Tianyu arrives just next to her, with gifts for every sister. Everyone is happy and moved.

2- Seafood restaurant and Aarif’s punishment


The cast get the chance to eat happily at an expensive restaurant. There is lobster, crab, shrimp… MIAM The total price is 320 euro (which seems decent for a group of seven). Since Aarif forgot the money at the hotel, he decides to pay first with his credit card. BIP BIP BIP. He gets a punishment for not respecting the rules and the budget is cut by 300×3=900 Euro!! Luckily, Tianyu got some money from the staff today so they still have 300$. Still, Aarif feels horrible (poor baby :() and there is still six day to go :/.

3- Arrival of Yang Zi


Yang Zi arrives first at the airport and wait for the rest of the cast for 3h (awwn). She is first welcomed by Tianyu. The boy will first describes her as a trouble maker: she lost her plane ticket, then her baggage. You can really feel how awkward YZ is with the rest of the cast; too afraid to ask questions and to interact. The ones who really help her are Aarif and Zhiling while the rest of the cast, tired of a whole day of moving, are sleeping it of. YZ describes herself as a Tomboy and encourages the noonas to ask her help (she is now the youngest on the team)!

4-Wang Jie and Xu Jie loses temper

Since there is no more rooms at the hotel and since they must save, there is only one gigantic room for the whole cast at 200$. Aarif feels bad (since they are boys and girls), but Xu Jie assures it is fine. Wang Jie is however extremely mad and declares they should go to a good hotel, considering they are all so tired! Everyone tries to convince Wang Jie and she gets furious and does not want to inside anymore. After a while of cold war, Xu Jie declares; quote:”I for one am not going to stand OUTSIDE when we can rest inside a ROOM Let her be mad and lets go inside”. Of course, Wang Jie is furious. A little later, Xu Jie comes and thanks to her high EQ, is capable to convince her to go inside.

5- Tianyu fanboying over Zhiling


Okay,  it is official, Tianyu considers Zhiling as his goddess. Every time the PD ask him a question of fellow members, he always find a way to go back to Zhiling jie jie and clearly states she is her ideal girlfriend. AWWN


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