Ex-EXO member Tao Decides to Leave SM + Cnetizens comment


Okay, he did not “decide”… but it is as if he did. His father, who created a Weibo this week under username “Zi Tao’s Father” posted it the following message:

It is translated (roughly since my Chinese is not top notch) as:

“Dear every friend who care/pay attention to Zi Tao; good afternoon, I am Huang Zi Tao’s father. On behalf of my son, I did this selfish decision which affects many people including my son. I am conflicted to write this message…” [Allkpop just posted the whole translated message]

Chinese netizens are speculating if it is truly his father who wrote this article since:

1- He only have one post and that is it. As soon as he created this weibo, Tao followed him, meaning Tao wanted his fans to realize his father is on Weibo…

2- His name on weibo is “Tao’s dad”… it is obvious he made the account to write this sole message.

3- Tao has previously bashed on Kris Wu for leaving EXO. Netizens think he asked his father to write all of this in order to appear like he is forced to leave EXO

4- SM has been greatly favoring Lay in Chinese promotions and Tao may want to start a new career by himself

Some netizens’ comment

张可枫可张Cheater:黄子韬拖谁下水了[呵呵]我就笑笑 张艺兴吴亦凡不都是黑粉自己扯出来的 别人从头到尾提过吗 [Tao is sinking 🙂 Me laughing… Both Luhan and Kris left under bash and now it is his turn… guess there is no way around it~]

皱纹安:不要来中国好不好[呵呵][呵呵]回去你的韩国[呵呵] {+9075} [Don’t come back in China 🙂 🙂 stay in Korea :)]

本质海怪#黄子韬# 他在这种时候离开,已经努力将对组合的损失降低到最小了,这三年的伤痛血汗数也数不完,他对公司仁至义尽,到头来面对不公被逼离队,也没有对公司说半句狠话,始终是太善良。作为粉丝,我们尊重黄子韬做的每一个选择,也感谢SM公司的知遇之恩和栽培之恩,我们始终坦坦荡荡,无愧于心。{+4632} [At these hard times, he is already reducing the harms on both company and team to the minimum. Instead of bashing SM, he still leaves with good word to his past company. As fans, we support his decision]

suger_燕:又是爹妈 我只能呵呵了 {+3733}[Again mom and dad… all I can do is laugh…]

宁兆铭言辞恳切,我和他家人愿望一样只希望他健康。{+1182} [Like his family, all I wish for him is health]

Personal opinion :


When you think about it, have there ever been one kpop star whose parent ask them to leave a popular kpop group? and on social media? The only case that comes close is Nicole from KARA and even then, her mom did not go and write a whole text about it. Plus, Nicole was in the middle of deciding if she wants to renew her contract, so… it is really different.

This means, Tao knew all along and still let him post it. Tao wants (willingly or reluctantly… idk) to leave SM and EXO. I understand what he feels: (1) After Luhan and Kris left, he probably suffered a lot of racism in Korea for been Chinese >< and (2) he can get so much more money by going with another company in China. On the other hand: I personally find him selfish for doing this because: (1) He bashed Kris SO MUCH when Kris said he had health issues and now he is using the same excuse(?) and (2) He dragged his father in all of this just because he can’t say he wants to quit EXO by himself.

To all the fans saying he still want to be in EXO… I have to say it is very unlikely. At the end of the day, no matter how close they are, those ten people are only coworkers. Look at how close Tao and Kris used to be until Kris left :(.

archidisign opinion on the situation:

I think it is reallyy silly. At first, I really wanted to protect Tao because I thought it is true, his situation right now is really sad and MAYBE his father actually wanted to share his opinions for the sake of his son. After all, there is nothing wrong with a caring father and nobody, even their loyal fans, should doubt that. However, as intellectualkitten mentionned earlier, there is just too much evidence that Tao was the person behind all this ‘controversy’. So ok… ._. I guess  I will have to change my mind. HOWEVER, I do support Tao trying to leave EXO and Korea because he is really having a sucky treatment in Korea. Not only is he victim of variety injury, he is getting a lot of bash by Chinese fans for staying in Korea ‘like a traitor’ and by Korean fans for being ‘untrustble’. This is definitely a sucky situation for him and I feel bad. I believe that this Weibo message is for Tao to say SOS! I need to get out of this shit. Poor him. I hope he will find success. And so does the other EXO-M Chinese member Lay who is also getting a lot of bash recently. Good luck! You guys should get the success you worked hard for.

ps; Funny how Weibo is becoming such an important platform for kpop artist? Not only does kpop loyal idols like Choi Siwon and Victoria Song use it to communicate with their fans, it is also becoming the source of frustrated idols like Jessica Jung from SNSD and Tao from EXO to share their opinions at their company. I feel like very soon, everyone will want a weibo account!


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