Chen Qiao En cosplays for Online Game


Chen Qiao En is quiet popular with the success of her recently aired drama Cruel Romance and her soon to air movie I am a Queen (Queens). So, with her popularity, no wonder Online Games are hiring her as their porte-parole/model for their game! Great, because I love seeing her in Wuxia costume. In the next shot, it seems like her costume are inspired from The Swordsman 2012, Empress of China 2015 and Xuan Yuan Sword 2013.


tumblr_nn9c1erKdC1tnzn5zo3_540 tumblr_nn9c1erKdC1tnzn5zo4_1280 tumblr_nn9c1erKdC1tnzn5zo5_1280 tumblr_nn9c1erKdC1tnzn5zo7_1280 tumblr_nn9c1erKdC1tnzn5zo8_1280 tumblr_nn9c6mxYNZ1tnzn5zo8_540 tumblr_nn9c6mxYNZ1tnzn5zo9_540

tumblr_nnbbr9Dio81tnzn5zo2_540 tumblr_nnbbr9Dio81tnzn5zo5_540 tumblr_nnbbr9Dio81tnzn5zo8_540 tumblr_nnbbr9Dio81tnzn5zo10_r1_540

10423272_824828210887389_7171631508533289026_n 11015477_824828197554057_6142105282143777092_n 11188397_10153277343491449_1153250811421305886_n 11188457_824828224220721_5176884202196907505_n

Bonus: Some gorgeous FanArt of her portrayal of Jin Xiu in Cruel Romance below. Actually, to be real, it is fanart of the Japanese lover of Maeda from the drama Cruel Romance.

tumblr_nn9cz7vhKr1tnzn5zo2_540 tumblr_nn9cz7vhKr1tnzn5zo3_540 tumblr_nn9cz7vhKr1tnzn5zo7_540


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