Legend of Zu ‘release’ gorgeous FanArt + Updates

** I have decided to use this post to put all the newest BTS of the drama until concrete stills for the drama pops out again! so that the blog won’t be bombarded with millions of Legend of Zu posts (personnally I wouldn’t mind though ^o^ )** See bottom of post for updates



Hehe, a quick update, but gorgeous pictures for your hungry eyes! The promo was crazy this week with so many stills release and now these digital drawings. I am hooked. Sadly, it is supposed to be released this summer…


Shut up! I just want the Legend of Zu to be released soon!!


My army is ready to fangirl over the series!


Here are the Fan Arts with their real life character counterpart!


Sidenote: I really love this type of fanart, it is so simple, but elegant at the same time!

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

BONUS! Some BTS because we love to know the filming is doing well!

10 11 12 13 14



Some Gifs to make you feel the OTP *_*
tumblr_nmue2uFDYX1qij3qwo2_400 tumblr_nmue2uFDYX1qij3qwo3_400 tumblr_nmue2uFDYX1qij3qwo6_400 tumblr_nmue2uFDYX1qij3qwo8_400

BTS again!!!
tumblr_nn6x7n6qSQ1tnzn5zo2_1280 tumblr_nn6x7n6qSQ1tnzn5zo4_1280 tumblr_nn6x7n6qSQ1tnzn5zo5_1280 tumblr_nn6x7n6qSQ1tnzn5zo10_1280

Spoilers! I think these pictures are for the ending of the drama! can we all be happy that it is going to be a fcking happy ending? AND also, look at papa Nicky becoming the grandpa! Gosh this is perfect *__*

tumblr_nnb8cnWOw51qe9cl2o1_400 tumblr_nnb8cnWOw51qe9cl2o2_400 tumblr_nnb8cnWOw51qe9cl2o3_400 tumblr_nnb8cnWOw51qe9cl2o4_400


Exciting! *_* This time, it is mostly focused on the second leads and remaining cast!

11709_817051751712567_3830226535793107651_n 21743_817052355045840_6278561944074107932_n 1472076_817051708379238_869675167252657919_n 10371982_817051765045899_4943415060481043948_n 10420395_817051601712582_8647063739719232127_n 10441031_817052338379175_3621836698930407029_n 10492097_817051585045917_2066309802907228748_n 10505516_817052058379203_586435368104465182_n 10891645_817051885045887_4367919218245470340_n 10989253_817051661712576_4588957375583268237_n 11058655_817051921712550_6053273274717929666_n 11144932_817051795045896_3844326074765020577_n 11156164_817051945045881_1503573989657806133_n 11159473_817052138379195_6412147365978499436_n 11162463_817052311712511_7828900426475765027_n 11168490_817051901712552_3630065001973405707_n 11169845_817051981712544_774653357341286242_n 11188302_817051995045876_7268643896491328323_n 11188379_817051848379224_1138507757796213093_n


2 thoughts on “Legend of Zu ‘release’ gorgeous FanArt + Updates

  1. Marie says:

    Did the director cut the scene at the end of drama, I mean I see kids with happy grandpa …but in ep 56, Din n grandpa gets trap, n Yu’er with 5th ghost, n their buddy turns into a demon. I am like wth, where is the happy ending, why stop…it’s so stupid…should have killed her too…then I would be happy.


    • I watched the ending real quick and I also felt it was rushed :/ From what I understood from the last episode, Ding Yi sacrificed himself for the greater good, leaving the two women who loved him behind. Dunno if they cut the part you are talking about on purpose or there is something else to be seen soon. Anhui channel is currently broadcasting the series so you may find out soon ^^


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