Li Yi Feng, Rainie Yang and Fan Bingbing… Who are they dating?


So, a lot of dating news/rumors came up recently so I thought it would be a great idea to round it all up! So Let’s start now!

First, we have Li Yi feng being possibily in a relationship with Korean top actress Lee Da Hae. Haha, it is the second time for Li Yifeng to be associated with Korea, the first time being for our Fashion Feature Korea vs China. Yes, it sounds stretched at first, but there are proofs! Like all rumors linked to hallyu representatvies, fan had found the couple wearing a lot of similar couple accessories.

samsus samsus1 sansus2 sansus4 sansus6

Plus, it is hard to deny when Li Yi Feng was spotted going to Korea for a short stay of 12 hours, exactly at the same time as when Lee Da Hae was celebrating her birthday! It is well known that Lee Da Hae had a LOT of projects in China and can speak Mandarin pretty much, so it is not that surprising after all that this international relationship happened. We just have to wait for both parties to aknowledge this reality.


Second couple: Rainie Yang and Will Pan. I know, Rainie sure does get into a lot of rumors, before it was with Mike He, and then it was dating Roy Qiu.

The duo played in multiple successful TW dramas together, including the popular Miss No Good. So, this week, when Will posted a kiss of them together from that drama on his weibo, fans were excited to see Rainie Yang reply and the two of them starting a cute conversation together. However, Rainie Yang later confirms that there are no love interests between them. Instead, it is said that she may be dating Taiwanese newcomer Li Ronghao (李榮浩). Well well well, one thing is for sure, and that is that Rainie Yang should definitely be getting into a relationship and be happy! After all, her best friend Ariel Lin married last year, no? 😛

Rainie Yang and Will Pan’s Deep, Platonic Bond



Finally, the last couple is the most speculated with everyone saying that yes they must be a couple! It is Fan Bingbing and Li Chen. If you did not catch Bingbing Jie’s appearance on the Chinese variety show, read our recap. With more and more witnesses saying they saw the couple on dates or visiting Fan Bingbing’s new house together, it seems that they are quiet open with their relationship. As the couple played together on the drama The Empress of China, I think the public is expecting the couple to be real deal and the confirmation of it to come soon.

Fan Bingbing, Li Chen Ready to Move in Together

sidenote: Remember my list of 7 doppelgangers where I compared Fan Bingbing and Viann Zhang? While, just note how funny it is that Viann was dating Li Chen last year, and this year he is dating Bingbing. This guy must see the similitude too *_*



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