Oh My God 从天“儿” 降 Stars Zhang Ziyi, Lay (EXO), and Chen Xuedong [Official Post]

  • 704_1615515_411495
  • Title: Oh My God 从天“儿”降
  • Release date: 2015
  • Director: Guo Jingming and Zhang Ziyi
  • Cast: Zhang Ziyi (Memoirs of Geisha), Lay (EXO), Cheng Xuedong (Tiny Times)

Oh My God, an ambitious project of Guo Jingming with Zhang Ziyi. Seriously, this guy is literally collecting all the A-List actresses… After Yang Mi and Fan Bingbing, he is now doing a project with Zhang Ziyi. Guo also courted some other popular entertainers, such as both Lay and Kris from EXO and Roy Wang from TFboys.

With such a fun cast, this movie will for sure be popular, and I am waiting to see more stills before deciding if I will watch it. Lay from EXO has recently appeared on an episode of Happy Camp and is said to appear in soon to be aired episode of Run Brother (two of China’s most popular variety shows). Chen Xuedong is a favorite actor of director Guo Jingming and often chat publicly with each other on Weibo. Apart from the movie and TV show Tiny Times and the variety show First Year, he didn’t work in any major work either. Zhang Ziyi, okay no need to present her bibliography cause it would take forever…. :3

Synopsis: Two lovers live together in the same apartment. One day, a stranger arrives in their life and change everything.

Stills from 29th April

Character Pictures

704_1582838_816994 704_1582845_199210 704_1582846_308979


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