What Movies to Anticipate in May?

Here is a more extended list of movies you should check out end of April or in May 🙂 This month, a lot less high profile movies, but they still look really nice ^^

重生爱人 The Beloved



RELEASE DATE: 15th May 2015. Set in a college (because obviously, China did not produce enough student life movies for the past two years =.=), the movie tells the love story of a couple and their struggles will facing the uncertainty of the future. The stills look awesome, but I feel like I would prefer watching Fleet in Time. Stars Wang Likun, Kim Bum and Joseph Cheng. We talked about this movie before (see post for more stills).




Coming out at the end of April, the movie stars Michelle Chen and Zheng Kai in what seems to be a typical love story. Michelle Chen will be portraying a countryside tomboy girl, lover of music, that no boys sadly finds attractive. Zheng Kai will portray her love interest, a normal college student.


土豪520 or Love Without Distance





RELEASE DATE: 20th May, 2015. Starring: Francis Ng, Yao Xingtong, Ma Tianyu, Li Jing and Cica Zhou. To  check out more stills, go on this article 🙂 Synopsis: Yao Xingtong plays an aspiring writer who get her script stolen from the well established businessman, portrayed by Francis Ng, 土豪陈. 土豪陈, on the edge of death, decides to do something useful for his company and for his girlfriend, but all of this turn into a big fiasco. Oh, and he discover his diagnose was wrong, he is not going to die…oups xD. As a classic romantic comedy, the story will take place in an exotic place: Italy.



RELEASE DATE: 1rst May, 2015. Starring: 林永健 韩雪 宋丹丹. Again, this is a comedy about life in the showbiz. It features three characters: a female hard worker in the showbiz, a host on a marriage program, and a wealthy men. From the trailer, oh boy, this movie looks so silly…



050E00005530CDBF67BC3C515F09C929 MAIN201504241428000320793242307

RELEASE DATE: 15th May, 2015. Starring: 品冠 / 曾泳醍 / 韩宝凛 / 罗家英. Hehe, I seriously hate horror movies, so I was extremely reluctant to put this movie on the list. But oh well, some of you may like it ^^ It seems to be a road trip went wrong kinda situation ><


671ee283jw1ergv73vgcmj20he09x0u0 127709524_14294960909501n MAIN201504081548000487770700291

RELEASE DATE: 22nd May, 2015. Starring: 姜潮 蒋雪鸣 王厦.


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