You’re My Sunshine [Round Up of Stills/Promo]


Okay, I seriously feel bad… We have been releasing so many stills and promotions for You’re My Sunshine starring Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi that it feels like you guys may strangle us for it >< To compensate, here is one big post about the movie with all the stills and promos

  • Click me if you want our original post on the movie which include synopsis and tons of stills
  • Click here if you want to watch the official trailer and pictures of conference
  • Click here if you want some more promotional pictures and more trailer


Now… Time (FINALLY!) for new pictures:

First, they released new character posters at the end of last week:

Next, pictures from Wedding Photo Shoot of Yang Mi and Huang Xiaoming

Speaking of those two, they also went to a ceremony as a pair:


Finally, some other pictures from the stills and promotion:

And a few Yang Mi promo stills to end the round up:

90d08e24jw1erm7z3jwkvj20xc0m8aek 90d08e24jw1erm7z3u2t9j20xc0matde 90d08e24jw1erm7z48stuj20m80xc46h 90d08e24jw1erm7z61gw3j21kw0tuqa6 90d08e24jw1erm7z76284j21kw120tk3

More of Yang Mi+ Xie Yilin


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