Summer is back with Eddie Peng and Angelababy!

cce5c67egw1erolr3rwztj21jk111ap6The two gorgeous people had a project in 2011: Lou You You, a movie I loved and would like to review if I get the chance :P. Since  the movie itself was extremely  summer-ish and full of happy memories, it is totally appropriate for the two actors to get together again to sport for a new photoshoot! Looking lovey dovey (haha, get jelly HXM ^^), they are sporting addidas’ summer promotions!

cce5c67egw1erolrbm1tgj21jk111ww21291347_011291347_041291347_0611460643_980x1200_85011787197_980x1200_850adi_neo_15ss_20150206093331_00adi_neo_15ss_20150206093331_08cce5c67egw1erolrdzcovj21111jkk68 cce5c67egw1erolrgqkkuj21jk111qkb cce5c67egw1erolrnt3jlj21jk111ws0 cce5c67egw1erolrmx8huj21jk111tkz cce5c67egw1erolrifbmxj21jk111dvv


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