[Feature][Part 5] What Chen Xiao, Tang Yan, Li Yifeng and more have in their Dishes!


It has being a well since I didn’t write a new feature for Food porn and well, it is time to do it now! Are you ready for part 5? ^^

First off, we have the happy Sun Li/Deng Chao family going out for probably the first ice cream of the year. Look at how happy they are? My relationship goal. >_<

Baby Deng Chao Sun Li

Second, it is a special Mother day one! Wang Leehom’s wife is making sweets for an Orphanage! Such a lovely couple


Tong Dawei eating a fancy meal

Tong Dawei

Chen Xiao eating a lollipop!

Chen Xiao1

Li Bingbing, Xie Na (Nana) and Li Yifeng on the other hand is eating some super healty food (salads, fruits, nuts, seafood)!

Li Bingbing
Li Yi feng



As for Tang Yan, for her birthday, she decided to eat one hell of an amazing cake! so jellyyy

Tang Yan

Rainie Yang celebrated her dog’s birthday… Cute ^^

Rainie Yang RY1

As always, the little food porn whore (keke, it is not true, we love you!) Xiao S is sharing what she ate this week! More on her weibo page.

Xiao S Xiao S1

Oh, and bonus! Nicky Wu’s fans send small fruit salads to the cast of Legend of Zu. Sweet!



Ruby Lin decided to go for big fancy meal with first an outing to a Korean BBQ and later to a Chinese seafood place.

Ruby Ruby1 Ruby2


Zhang Han also enjoyed a great meal: Chinese BBQ skewers! mmmmhh


To end up, we have Lin Gengxin, also called General Zhao Yun, eating happily on the filming set.



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