[First Impression+Story Line] Tiger Mom Ep. 1-10



  • Zhao Wei as 毕胜男
  • Tong Dawei as 罗素
  • 李柯竺 as 罗丹
  • 纪姿含 as 罗茜茜

Just a quick review and a quick update on the drama if anyone is wondering. The series is the second most popular right now on internet, just behind an army series that I don’t follow. Sadly, it seems the episodes are blocked on Youtube and the only way to watch them is on Soku or Youku [Tons of spoiler below, be ware!!!]



OMG… so much to say about this series. Despite all the craziness of its plot line and how speechless I am at most of the adult’s decisions, the TV series still remains brutally honest and I find myself getting addicted to its story. After this first week of release (10 episodes are already out ._.!!) I feel so bad for the mother: sure she is kinda crazy to be this strict and unreasonable, but life seems to be really hard on her. Her daughter hates her, her husband does not support her, she does not have anything to do except educate her daughter, and people seems to be against her. Sure, she is wrong to ask her daughter to not go to school and for going against her hubby’s mother; but no one is helping her and that is really sad… 😦 Luo Shu’s actions on the other hand is pretty decent (for now, not sure about next week ><) as he really tries to help his daughter and is extremely nice and supportive at the beginning. I want a hubby like him. Qian Qian is adorable and so cute!!! I feel bad for her: she is literally educated by 3 different person everyday… The grandmother is also nice, she also tries her best for the little girl and you can really see it.

SPOILER ALERT; what happened in the first ten episodes:

Qian Qian, five year old, lives with her paternal grandparents who treat her like a princess and let her watch cartoons whenever she wants. When the whole family visits a friend of the grandma, the mother discover how much her daughter is lacking compare to other kids. Indeed, Qian Qian speaks like a cartoon character, does not have any talent, and is picky about everything. A series of discussion happens and mommy decides to bring her daughter home and to get her to reputed elementary school. Problem: QQ gets refused at the interview. Another series of things happen and mommy decides to teach her daughter one year at home and the family reluctantly accepts. She quits her job when she starts to feel unappreciated at her job and wants to take charge on the education of her daughter.

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Problem: because she is always at home, she starts to be “crazy” and is extremely picky about everything while Luo Shu (daddy) gets extremely tired of her. The whole family also believes Bi Shaonan (mom) is been too strict and always bring the little QQ to eat fried chicken, pizza, and play video game in her back. As time pass by, there is a cold war between LS and BSN. Also, the ex-girlfriend of Luo Shu appears back in the town but LS haven’t meet her yet (for sure going to happen next episode thou). The father of Bi Shaonan, known as the only other character than BSN to be extremely strict, comes in town and tries to educate her grand daughter old school (no more TV, no more argument, no more fun!). The week end on a cacophony between the maternal and the paternal side of the family.


4 thoughts on “[First Impression+Story Line] Tiger Mom Ep. 1-10

  1. Woah, 10 episodes is fast! I remember seeing that it started airing just a few days ago and was thinking of doing up an introductory post on it. At this rate, it’s gonna end before I get a chance to do so!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Agreed ._. Half of the drama has been released and it haven’t even been two weeks…this year I watched an American show that didn’t release one single episode for 1 month xD


  2. This drama moves at the speed of light xD In three episodes, it seemed BSN had already given way to backstabber co-worker and going back and forth with her. By the fifth one, it seemed the family moved from their regular home. I’ve lost track of it on YouTube. Sohu is blocked for me- I think IQiYi is working for me, I hope it’s not a geo glitch xD


    • intellectualkitten says:

      For me too, I had to download an app in order to watch from qq :P… I agree with you, the drama is moving too fast and for us who watch the show everyday, it seems surreal xD like at episode 12 or 13, Qian Qian goes to elementary school after one year staying at home, but for me it was like…only one week of tv show? xD


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