LORD: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties adds new Cast Members


  • 爵迹

  • LORD: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties
  • Director: Guo Jingming
  • Based on book of same name by Guo Jingming
  • Release date: Summer 2016
  • 1
  • Cast: Fan Bingbing, Kris Wu, Aartif Rahman (Lee), Roy Wang, Amber Kuo, Wang Duo, Yan Kuan, Lin Yun, William Chan, Yang Mi, Chen Xuedong, and Guo Jingming

The author and director of movie series Tiny Times, Guo Jingming, will produce another movie based on his writings, which is going to be the biggest project of next year! It is quite understandable, considering the movie will be produced by Guo Jingming, the most bankable writer of modern China, and feats some of the biggest stars such as Fan Bingbing and Kris Wu.

Synopsis of the story: Based on the novel of same name published in 2010, the movie tells the story of game of dynasties. In a city called Odin, a group of people “王爵” and “使徒” seek power and domination. Themes in the book are family and friendship.


Lin Yun


GJM’s message: 你是梦境里的美人鱼,游进每个人的梦里。@林允Jelly [My trans: You are the mermaid from our dreams, wandering in human’s dream]

(my opinion: This girl seems really young! Like Roy Wang, I think the overuse of make up in these promotions does not feat them well at all and make them look plastic… )

Fan Bingbing


GJM’s message: 2016年夏天最疯狂的梦境,万千美丽无以伦比。梦境里最美的,是你 [My bad trans: The craziest dream of summer 2016, ten thousands beauty no one can compete. The most beautiful of all, it’s you]

Roy Wang from TFBoys


GJM’s message: 所有疯狂,所有激荡,千丝万缕,都因你而起。希望你惊艳,希望你震 [My bad trans: All the craziness, all the agitation. One thousand silk, ten thousands threads, all origin from you. Expect you’re awesomeness, anticipating you’re impact.]

Kris Wu Yifan


GJM posted this very metaphoric message if anymore is interested to read: 你是冰雪的王爵,你是末世的苍雪;你是绝望的暗夜,你是甜美的无邪。万千呼唤,你终于赴约 [my bad trans: You’re the prince of the frozen kingdom, you’re the snow on the peak of trees, you’re  the desperate night time, you’re the sweet and the innocent. Thousands asks, you’re finally here.]

Amber Kuo


GJM’s message for her casting : 美艳的,纯洁的;嗜血的,怜悯的;被选择的,被抛弃的;黑暗的,闪烁的,你。独一无二的你. Archidisign’s translation: “The Glamorous, the pure; the one eating blood, the merciful; The Chosen One, from the Dark, the one who is blinking, you. The one and unique.” [Side note from Archidisign’s: GJM have bad/weird grammar =.=]

Amber Kuo is a popular actress we have already seen in Tiny Times saga as Gu Li. Here, she plays a totally different character and I think it will be fun ^^…

Wang Duo


GJM’s message on him: 随着演员一个个宣布,腥风血雨日渐凶猛……仿佛2012年宣布小时代演员的场景重现。而在一众大热门明星中,@汪铎 这个彻底新人,肯定会被质疑“他凭什么”。我非常理解各位内心的咆哮,但看在新人刚出道不容易的份上,请大家不要骂他,麻烦直接打他。谢谢。My translation: A new incomer from Tiny Times. Wang Duo is a complete newbie in the showbiz and I hope fans will be indulgent to his casting We should give newcomers chance to prove themselves too. Thank you] Lol, so basically everyone is having nice words but for him, GJM is more afraid of the fans’ opinion? Personally, I find him quite handsome and since I watch GJM’s productions not fro the story but for the chick flick elements, I am totally okay with this adding 😛

Yan Yikuan/Yan Kuan:


GJM’s message for him: #严屹宽出演爵迹# 荣耀是你的铠甲,忠诚是你的剑刃。千军万马的呐喊,是你留在天地间最后的誓言。@严屹宽 #电影爵迹2016#. Archidisign’s translation: #YanKuan stars in LORD# Glorious in your armor, Loyalty is your blade, [A thousand soldiers and ten thousands horses=Chinese proverb for mighty] your cry. Is it you who is trapped between heaven and hell [in a state of limbo in the purgatory]? @Yan Kuan #movieLORD2016#

Aarif Lee:


GJM’s message: “#李治廷出演爵迹# 嗜血的杀戮之下,是你如暗夜般沉默的温柔。鲜血和尸骸堆砌出的出口,你的目光依然在她身后停留。你摧毁一切,你斩杀所有,你只愿意做她唯一的守候。@李治廷 #电影爵迹2016#” [Trans: The bloodthirsty one, the silent one, the gentle one. Your eyes still on her to protect, killing everyone on your path; you are capable of everything, yet you choose to be her guard.] (Side note: It is funny since this is the third collaboration between Aarif Lee and Fan Bingbing, and are known as a rumored couple, till the arrival of Li Chen, that is ._.)

William Chan


GJM’s Message: “#陈伟霆出演爵迹# 你赤红的双瞳,沉睡着天真的残梦。你孤身巡游,黑色羽翼下是残酷的拯救。你引发灭世的混乱,你始终无言。@William威廉陈伟霆 #电影爵迹2016#” [Trans: #WilliamChan will star in LORD, Your bloody red double vision, sleeping naively, you are walking alone, your black wings are a cruel salvation, your confusion causes destruction. @William Chan Weiting #MovieLORD2016#] (sidenote: too many flower boys in this one movie T^T; it is funny how both Kris and William who were rumored to be part of the casting are indeed… part of the casting!)

Sincerely hopes he will not add any more cast members, this post is getting so long T^T… [edit: HAHA. Of course I knew there is going to be more ^_^ edit2: I would not be surprised if he change this into they next jpop AKB48 ._.]

Yang Mi



GJM’s message: 万千幻象,天地随行;雪染无尘,御魂双身。

Chen Xuedong


GJM’s message: 故事并没有从你开始,但命运却在你掌间结束。你用拯救的姿态制造最后一场绵延万里的杀戮。万世荣耀,一身孤独

Guo Jingming


GJM’s message: 。。。(您想艾特的用户已经卸载客户端,退博保平安。请查询后再艾特)ps,热评前10名里,有人能猜出我演什么角色,我直播吃台灯

HAHA. He will also be in the movie … ._. I don’t know how I feel about it ><… Well, at least now we know that the non ending cast adding came to a conclusion ^^


8 thoughts on “LORD: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties adds new Cast Members

  1. hipployta says:

    Oh I didn’t know Amber was in it too…is she the 4th? Is Fan Bing Bing 2nd Disciple Shen Yin…is Wu Yi Fan the 7th?


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I have no idea… ._. I don’t read Chinese novels (even though I should, they seem really interesting) and they haven’t confirmed the roles. From what read on Weibo, Fan Bingbing will play 特蕾娅 and Amber Kuo will play 神音 (Shen Yin). 🙂 People are also saying Yang Mi will participate as 鬼山莲泉 and the girl called Lin Yue will play 天束幽花, Kris Wu 银尘, Roy Wang 白银祭司, Wang Duo 霓虹 but who knows 🙂


      • Mimi says:

        Do you know in the novel, who loves who, who is a couple? I don’t know chinese but I love FBB and Yang Mi. Thanks!


  2. one thing i realize after watching Tiny Times,

    1. GJM is a good writer i guess?? because i really like the storyline.. its now easy to write a story with so many characters and link them together..
    2. but he is definitely not a creative director, i think he parody/copy too many scenes from other movies..
    3. and he loves pretty face and flower boys. his movie is full with eye candy which make you forgive his copy works.

    when he first released WYF’s picture.. its melt me… fanfan really knows how to stare in camera lens… such a killer.. he looks like vampire!

    anticipating this for WYF, CXD, YM, and Amber.. and LinYun, she’s so pretty 😀


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yep, I also think he is an awesome writer. I tried reading Tiny Times and it definitely has good literary devices and style and his stories can be considered as artistic. The problem is the setting, which just feels like a copy paste of any campus story meet Devil Wears Prada, no originality at all. I am a little worried about LORD, but considering the high profile cast, maybe it is not all bad?

      Hehe, I agree… Kris’ picture made me melt ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • hope he’s not casting high profile cast to cover up his crappy directing or lousy plot.. i don’t read the novel but im gonna try to trust his writing, because his story doesn’t disappoint me so far.. just directing that made me a little turned off.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yep… I am also worried for his skills, despite the good casting of Tiny Times, I was really not impressed by the whole movie 😡

        Liked by 1 person

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