Beijing University Film Festival 北京大学生电影节

I love covering Film Festivals, they are always full of famous people with beautiful clothing and outstanding grown (unless it is from Hollywood, in which can sometimes be…. crazy unique?) Anyway, a new Film Festival was held May 9th,2015 in Beijing. The hosts? Beijing’s University. Here are the pictures [source]:


Luhan: The most popular guest during this award.


Wang Likun


Cast of Gardenia and host He Jiong. Movie to be released in July 2015


颜丹晨 aka Yan Danchan


Don’t know them, but they are gorgeous: 尚雯婕、极客少年团


Liu Yuxin


Cast of 不可思议 (The only one I know from this group is Xiao Shenyang, a comedian)


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