Mother’s Day Special Weibo Update

Since we just published a Weibo update two days ago, this one may seems too soon 😛 But bear with me, because it is super cheesy, cute and adorable. Mother’s are well known for their hard work during a child’s youth and it is great that they are recognized as such! Here is a list of celebrities who took the opportunity on May 10th to celebrate their mother or their wife:


Tang Yan with her mom on a well deserved vacation trip~


Qian Qian from Tiger Mom (airing right now), made a card for her real mom ❤


Liu Tao took a picture with her two lovely kids during a photo shoot this week


Hangeng released this picture with his mother


Barbie Xu with her husband and kid, spending some family time together~


Chen He (from Run Brother) shared this old picture with his mother


Eddie Peng shared this old picture with his mom ^^


But he (Eddie Pend) also shared this more recent one~


Jiang Jingfu posted this picture when he was young (><)


Kris Wu posted this picture of his gorgeous mom


Tong Dawei celebrated the day with his wife and mother of his son, Guan Ye


Tong Liya celebrated the day with her mother around a soup of noodles


Cutie Pie Yang Yang smiling to the camera :DD “Happy Mother’s Day!”


Zhao Wei with her husband and kid 😀


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