Empress of China’s Censoring on TVB


Empress of China was definitely the highlight of 2015 when it comes to media attention and ratings. The monster drama that starred Fan Bingbing in the title role of Wu Zetian created so much buzz over itself it is crazy. I mean, did you see the costumes of that drama?? People are still speculating if the A-list actress is dating her costar Li Chen or Aarif Lee.

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But, most of all, the drama got a lot of attention for its skin showing issues as people where complaining that the drama showed way too much cleavage. On Hunan TV Channel, the show had to zoom in like crazy so that all the boobs will be ommitted from the screen. I have to go with the complains here: it really did seem that the actresses where squeezing their boobs like crazy to fit the costumes. Which is too bad, considering how gorgeous the costumes looked like.

30 31 32 33 34 35

Anyway, TVB is broadcasting the drama right now on the HK channel and they found a very clever way to solve the problem. By having some photoshop/CG talents, the cleavage were hidden by a thin ‘fabric’. In this post, you can see some of these special effect.

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5 thoughts on “Empress of China’s Censoring on TVB

  1. I wanted to watch this the first time around but after seeing their first solution with the extreme zooming to bodiless heads, it seemed to loose it’s appeal but after seeing the second solution, I am intrigued once again to watch.


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