Liu Shishi’s next big project: 黎明决战

Who else is excited for this? (Me! Me!<=my inner voice ._.) Liu Shishi will play for the first time in a series of the 20th Century, and from what I can see from the stills, this is definitely an eye-candy movie that I would be enjoying. She looks magnificently and a lot of her fans have already starting Psing her into pictures of Republic time. Presently into filming, the drama will only come out in summer (that is the hope, but something tells me it is more likely going to be 2016


Can she be any more beautiful?

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As a co-main cast, we have less well known actors 曹炳琨.

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UPDATE August 2015 : Here are more stills for you to enjoy (exclusively LSS!)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


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