C-Movie Time to Love (New Bubujinxin) Releases Trailer

Finally! A trailer which does not just show the main character running and walking around! Another huge plus, the face of the princes is revealed! Was it what you expected? Or just meh?

The movie will be released on the 20th August. Which is kind of funny, since the movie Bridal War, also set for August 20th, released their own second trailer exactly on the same day as Time to Love! Coincidence? Maybe not…


Ivy Chen is taking on the role of Ma Ertai Ruoxi, while Shawn Dou (aka 窦骁) takes the role of Fourth Prince and Tony Tang (aka 杨祐宁) completes the love triangle. Ivy Chen is the only one I personally know while the other two are not very known in the Chinese industry. I loved Ivy’s performance in Black and White and Hard Persimmon, but she does not feat ancient time movies/dramas! I mean, she is definitely pretty but I am kind of afraid this is going to turn into a second Michelle Chen/Legend of Condor Heroes fiasco, which would then destroy her image 😦 . Her Taiwanese accent in the trailer made me super uncomfortable (=.= seriously, what kind of Ma Ertai speaks with a Taiwanese accent??)

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