Drama 爱无痕 with Tong Dawei and Tong Liya Releases Stills


Haha, I laughed so much when I saw the stills for this drama (especially the part for Tong Dawei) :”D. This really comes out of no where for me, since I have never heard these two actors will be collaborating together, but I am definitely happy that they are 🙂 However, Tong Dawei should take a break soon… he did so many projects this year (two high profiles movies and two popular tv series, and now this??)! The Drama’s English name is Love Without a Trace.


Tong Liya is so pretty, I am anticipating this drama!!

Seems like most people are excited for this drama because it will be the great return of Tong Liya to Aacient dramas.



Haha, doesn’t he look out of place?? XDD

Set in the Tand Dynasty, this TV series looks at the warlords battle during the 五代十国 (aka Fifth Generation of Ten Kingdom). The producer and director of this drama, Yin Tao, designed the clothing using Japanese, Chinese, and Korean fashion elements. Just like Legend of Wu Zetian, it has a lot of costumes (1000 in total) and has a budget of 15 Millions rmb.

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