London International Chinese Film Festival 伦敦国际华语电影节


This is the third edition of this star studied film festival which took place between 13th May and 17th May. Compare to previous years, it is a lot less high profile.

From what I see on the guest list, it mostly celebrates movies which have high grossing feedback, such as Dad Where are you Going Movie, Somewhere Only We know, and Fleet of Time.  Here are some pictures from the festival. Why am I saying this award ceremony is not legit at all? Because most of the awarded performances where not even that good ._.

U9759P704DT20140206085327 - Copy

Tang Yan got rewarded as the best supporting actress (once again, I am speechless… ._.) She did not go to the awards though

U9759P704DT20140206090145 - Copy

Somewhere Only We Knew


Wang Likun nominated for Somewhere Only We knew. I heard her performance in the movie was average at most, so it is surprising


Xie Yilin came in this beautiful blue groom


From the front


Li Bingbing in a fairytale dress ^^


Host Li Xiang and husbad Wang Yuelong, promoting the movie Dad Where Are you Going?


2 thoughts on “London International Chinese Film Festival 伦敦国际华语电影节

  1. mic says:

    somewhere only we know lol. I thought it was falsely advertised while the actors weren’t bad. the storyline was weak & it had bad pacing. in other words i hated it lol it had so much potential to be a good rom movie.


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