Movie 宅女侦探 with Wang Luodan and Vic Zhou


I wasn’t exactly excited for this movie, since it lacks promotion and Vic Zhou is not exactly well cut for movies (yes, I am referring to that one with Liu Shishi). Since the fiasco of Black & White, he does not have any good projects and lacks chemistry with all his female leads… Oh well, this movie may turn the tables around: it is a lot more centered around the character of Wang Luodan. Also known as Detective Gui, the movie follows this otaku in her everyday life as she tries to solve mysteries.

The movie have a very Japanese feel and since I am an otaku myself, it will probably (?) be fun to watch (some of the elements in the trailer since to be crappy jokes, so yeah, I am not expecting too much from it). Synopsis: A girl with 180 IQ who just broke up with her boyfriend, start a story full of unexpected turn of events. She still waits her boyfriend, even though he considers her as crazy.

The main cast include: Wang Luodan, Vic Zhou, Ren Dahua, and Tian Xin. The movie is set to be released the 24th of July.


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Film Festival


Trailer+BTS combined:


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