Entertainment Update: Legend of Zu, Di Ren Jie, etc.


What is happening in the Chinese entertainment world at the end of May 2015? Like always, more stills,  more promotions, more projects annoucement!

First, we have the drama Legend of Di Renjie 2015 通天狄仁杰 releasing a bit more of stills. As I really want to watch this drama, I am super happy to see the producing team starting to promote it!

Next, we have the casting of Divas Hit the Road posing together for beautiful posters.

3 2 1

We also have the cast of Legend of Zu taking pictures (and selfies) to celebrate the end of filming!

Bonus: more stills!

1 2 3

The drama God of War Zhao Yun (Chinese Hero) is also releasing posters for the release of the drama this summer. Although I am very happy that the drama already has an air date as I want to watch it too, I feel bitter how easy this drama got an air date just because of the hallyu casting. Oh well.


Here is a collage of Zhang Han because I know some people would love his multiple cute faces 😉


Talking about Zhang Han, he is still filming with Zhao Liying for the movie Rise of a Tomboy.

The movie Ghouls, which will be released this December, started to release character stills, including the ones for Angelababy, Chen Kun, Huang Bo, Shu Qi, and Xia Yu.

The very successful drama Ai De Fu Chan Ke (OB Gyns) confirmed a second season. This is great because who doesn’t want to see more hot doctors on the small screen? The drama starts airing on May 24th on Hunan TV. Actors involved in the project include You Zhudan, Yang Youniang, and Sun Jian. Here are some stills + character posters

0.1 0.2 0.3 0 1 2

Hua Qian Gu released the official MV and it includes some really pretty new scenes. Me happy! ^^


Yu Zheng released a new picture which includes some of his new casting for the drama Love Up in the Air (although it is hard to say if these pictures are for the drama or the Yumama’s butterfly collection 8D ). He tags to the picture the names of Xie Na, Nicky Wu and Lin Zhenghao on weibo.


There are also Mao Yaya’s Marriage Day, a drama with Ma Tianyu and Ming Dao. I am not really interested by the drama, but we may cover it more if the trailer is released and looks good.

Finally, Chen Xiao announces a new project called Brother who sleeps in the Top Bunk. It looks bad!! v_v

Jerry Yan, Maggie Jiang (girlfriend of Hu Ge), Rong Ng and Viola Mi started to film for new drama My Best Ex Boyfriend.

Tomb raiders with Yang Yang and Li Yifeng released more stills.


And Cage of Love released the character stills. The drama will start airing this week!


Finally, here is a fun gif from the movie Bridal Wars for Ni Ni, Angelababy.



4 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Legend of Zu, Di Ren Jie, etc.

  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    I was just watching Sophie’s Revenge the other night with my daughter and explained it was like a movie that Kate Hudson would have made. She then told me that they should do a remake/take of the Bride Wars movie with Kate Hudson. And, they are! We can’t wait even if it does seem a little silly.


  2. lia says:

    Those picture of bubble head Zhang Han though…sooo cute! I’m really looking forward to Bridal Wars because it looks so funny. I’m currently watch Hua Qian Gu and love it…but I wish they’d speed up the pacing though because I want to get to the epic parts.


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, that harsh moment when I realize my aegyo is just a 100 times worse than a guy! 😥 Me too, Bridal Wars is going to be great (and it is going to be released at around the same time as Yun Zhong Ge so double the Chen Xiao/Angelababy moments!)
      Yes!! It is weird, but I just want HQG and her master to start a hate/love relationship as soon as possible (like hurting each other a little bit!) It is too candy world now


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