End of May Update!

Hey peeps! 

Just bored in the hotel and since some exciting news happened in the entertainment, here is a quite update!

  • Yang Mi got casted in LORD Legend of Ravaging Dynasties. GJM got to stop adding cast members… 😮


  • This week, Liu Tao appeared on Run Brother for a special Children’s Day episode.
  • On the other hand, Janine Chang, Peter Ho, Yuan Shanshan, and Da Peng appeared on Happy Camp.
  • Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming got married and released two pictures 


  • from their wedding photoshoot in France, Paris
  • Fan Bingbing and Li Chen confirmed they are dating!


  • Rumours that Victoria Song Qian may be leaving SM
  • Tiny Times 4 (aka GJM) released special promos for Children’s Day 🙂


  • Liu Shishi did a gorgous photoshoot, here is a picture ^^:


  • There is also the Sina Film Festival.
  • Liu Yifei also did a photoshoot


  • Tang Yan and Aaron Kwok are doing a movie together
  • The buzy lady also got a photoshoot 



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