Celebrities not Allowed to Host TV Shows?


Apparently, based on the news outlet Reuters, China’s Media Regulator has decided to ban celebrities from hosting TV shows. The reason? Because they do not want actors/actresses/other celebrities to misbehave on broadcast and say things they are not supposed to.


From Xinhua news, it is said that nowadys, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television will check on the qualifications of the host and make sure he is good enough to supervise the show. They say: “TV shows, including news, commentary and interview panels, should not recruit guests in the role of supporting host,” Xinhua said, citing the circular. “TV stations often hire famous actors, actresses and celebrities as guest hosts, especially for popular reality shows, which might result in improper remarks or mistakes during live broadcasting.”

My short opinion:

Ok, China is quiet silly when it comes to their TV contents, but I accepted it because it still released great dramas and shows that I love to watch. However, isn’t it exaggerated to be such a controle freak? I mean, if you think about it. This type of measures will definitely change the ratings of the popular TV shows since they will not have the host that made the show what it is (I am thinking of Li Chen’s basketball show and Deng Chao’s Run!Brother). I mean, this is going to have so much impact on the industry and people around the world will understand that China is once again trying to controle its population. I am definitely not happy with this news. I am not sure what will be the consequences on the show Run! Brother, but I fear they will add and drop some members soon because of this silly law.


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