[Movie] 捉妖记 Monster Hunt with Bai Baihe and Jing Boran


What a mouthful casting! The movie was originally set to be released during the Lunar New Year Break with Kai Ko taking the place of Jing Boran…but we all know how that went south :’). The recasting seems to be a good fit though since the trailer seems to be a lot of fun and the special effects have that Hollywood twist sure to please the general public.

  • Cast: Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, Wallace Chung, Yao Chen, Tang Wei, Momo Wu, Tian Tian, Cindy
  • Release date: 16th July, 2015
  • Director:  Raman Hui


The movie is set in a fantasy world where humans and monsters both exists in two separate parts: humans under the light and monsters in the dark. Jing Boran plays Tianyin, a naive villager that somehow became pregnant of a little monster and heir, Wu Ba. He is helped by Xiaonan, Bai Baihe, a novice monster hunter to keep the baby alive. Yao Chen and Tang Wei plays both monster hunters.


Hehe, at first, I was really not excited for this movie, since I have little hope for Chinese animation movies to be interesting. However, this one seems to have everything: good casting, good effects, adorable characters, fun story line, 3D possibility. The female characters all look badass and Wu Ba seems cute ^^^! They appeared on a recent episode of Run Brother too. Bai Baihe sure seems to have a lot of projects recently!



Character Posters:

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704_1576589_486941 WFH_poster_layout6


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Promotion pictures:

704_1587167_720326 704_1645558_690821 704_1669803_488634


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