[Movie] Tiny Times 4 Reveals more Stills, release date 9th July!

Already wrote two articles on this super hyped movie so this one is definitely going to be the last (…unless I also write a review, fufufu ^^). The main cast has held a press conference during the Shanghai Film Festival (the girls all look great) and GJM shared more secrets from behind the scenes.



Indeed, the scenes of Kai Ko will not be completely be cut out as they decided to keep his voice and silhouette whenever possible. Also, GJM shares Yang Mi and Chen Xuedong had to do the kiss scenes a lot of time before he got the perfect shot :”D… Poor Hawick

The movie will present a flashback. During Children’s Day on June 1rst, Guo Jingming released these character posters that looks so adorable 😀

New movie stills below. I only chose my favorite ones since most of these scenes have been seen in past movies:

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Pictures from the press conference:

60ca8a58jw1etl5g9tum0j21dq1xg7wh 60ca8a58jw1etl5gdq915j20k30rs46m 704_1655841_169741 704_1655843_659434 704_1655848_148312 704_1655850_435151 704_1655851_441444

Finally, the movie is getting an online game! It looks a lot like a dress up game and the pictures are all beautiful ^^

46d7df02gw1etgj4ujoatj21041lsk54 704_1653939_488504 753a9e2bjw1ethrjyp33rj21jk0x4npd 67798908gw1ethr7w1kevj20tk1e0n47


Link to my two other articles on this movie:

One// Two


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