[Drama] 闪亮铭天 Tea Love Stills PART 2 with Zhu Zixiao and Pan Zhilin


OMG. This drama has like 84 episodes. It just finished broadcasting yesterday and I am like starting to watch it today… YOLO. I will be dead by the end of the summer if I watch it fully. I am at episode 2 now and it is both silly and funny. My heart had already be broken multiple times and I already cried… v_v I think the back story doesn’t make much sense in itself, but it felt so hard on me. The two main characters are just too nice kids with a huge legacy from their parents. From the start, it seems like if they do get together, then their fate will be worst than Romeo and Juliet. Seriously… Anyway, to celebrate the end of the drama, here is more stills to look at. A short intro to the story below the cut.

The story starts 16 years earlier, with the parents of our main leads. The character played by Pan Zhilin’s father is a kind of mad tea maker/scientist. He comes up with a new product that sadly Zhu Zixiao’s character’s mother sells to her husband.  ZZX’s father is the owner of a multinational about tea. Anyhow, PZL’s father is mad and decides to take revenge on the rich family. He basically kidnaps ZZX’s mom and kills her. Then, he must had gotten some really bad consequences with the police because he disappears from PZL’s life. PZL who loves making tea as a hobby was forbidden by her mother to ever touch tea because tea is the cause of all the bad things that happened to her family. (it is so sad to see the young girl cry because she can not do what she really wants to do). As for ZZX’s side, his father decides to get remarried. ZZX hates the new stepmother and the new stepbrother and decides he will forever hate PZL’s father/family for destroying his family and taking away his beloved mother. Oh, and PZL is like childhood friend with ZZX’s stepbrother. =_= a lot of drama coming up

ps; drama can be find on CROTON MEDIA’s channel on Youtube.

ps2; find first article about the drama here.

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Stills as promised:


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