The Third Way to Love 第三种爱情 with Liu Yifei and Song Seung Heon


If any of you guys are fan of Liu Yifei (like me ^^!), you must be really happy right now. Not only she is getting a lot of projects, they are all of great potential and seems to be released very soon. In The Third Way of Love, she teams up with Korean Film Production (once again), playing the love bird of Song Seung Heon!

  • Cast: Liu Yifei, Song Seung Heon, Jia (Miss A)
  • English name: The Third Way to Love
  • Release date: 2015

First, some good news about our maiden Liu Yifei! She just finished the filming of Turns Out You are Still Around with Kris Wu, which is trending a lot on weibo last week. In it, she plays a serious and studious young girl from good family that Kris Wu’s character, a trouble maker, is pursuing. They then meet again a few years later during adulthood. Also, she is confirmed to play in Three Lives Three World, a highly anticipated work in collaboration with Alibaba Group. She also have two more movies coming up: The Four III and Paon de Nuit…Bref, we are going to see a lot of her soon ^^

For this movie, the main lead become two love bird in the busy and grandiose city of Shanghai, pursuing both a professional and love path.



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Press Conference


Poster (fanmade ^^)0065eS2Hgw1etgaj8v1lqj30kg0sfwm8


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