July 2015 Chinese Dramas Air Dates


Here is a list of dramas I am personnally interested to watch and when they are going to air. I also put the remaining dramas that will be airing too in the list (with no picture though).

The list:

火线英雄 for July 1st, 2015

我的宝贝 or Dear Mom with Tong Dawei and Yao Di for July 3rd, 2015

爸爸父亲爹 for July 3rd, 2015

淑女涩男 or Ladies and Boys with Xie Shuai and Li Zixi for July 4th, 2015

旋风少女 or Whirlwind Girl/Taekwondo Girl with Hu Bingqing, Yang Yang, Chen Xiang, Wu Lei and Vincent Jiao for July 7th, 2015 (that casting *_*)


马上天下 for July 4th, 2015

东北抗日联军 for July 4th, 2015

妈妈向前冲 for July 5th, 2015

华胥引 or Hua Yu Xin: City of Desperate Love with Yuan Hong, Kevin Chung, and Jiang Xin for July 9th, 2015


冰与火的青春 or Ice and Fire of Youth for July 12th, 2015

加油吧实习生 or Get Going/The Interns with Zhao Liying and Zheng Kai (Ryan) for July 17th, 2015


异镇 for July 17th, 2015

仙侠剑 or Xin Xia Sword with Jiang Yi, Liu Tingyu, and Lu Yulin for July 17th, 2015


克拉恋人 or Diamond Lovers with Tang Yan and Rain Bi for July 22th, 2015


小爸妈 for July 24th, 2015



2 thoughts on “July 2015 Chinese Dramas Air Dates

    • archidisign says:

      Yes! OMG, I have like so many dramas I want to watch. Based on the trailer, a lot of them will be fun to watch! 😛 I just hope I will be able to go through the month alive… (or else I will have lots of leftover for August to finish watching ^^)


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