[Updated 08/05/2015] Lady of the Dynasty 杨贵妃 with Fan Bingbing and Wu Chun


Fan Bingbing is coming back strong this year once again! Not only did Fan Ye came first on the Forbes list of most powerful entertainer three years in a row, she is getting a lot of attention this past few months in the media: the popular broadcast of The Legend of Wu Ze Tian, her public relationship with Li Chen, movie with Han Geng last year, a new project with Jackie Chan to come out next year, two variety shows… and now, a new movie to hit the big screen at the end of this month! Ouf, the girl is keeping herself busy XD

  • Chinese name: 王朝的女人杨贵妃
  • Cast: Fan Bingbing, Wu Chun
  • Release date: 30th July, 2015

Synopsis: The love story of Yang Guifei with the Emperor during the Tang Dynasty at war time.

I do not really know any of Wu Chun’s recent works, but he can definetely serve as eye candy in this movie ^^. A little disappointed the initial cast member (Wang Leehom or Shun Oguri) withdrew from the project :(. Personally, I think the cinematography of this work is very similar to The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom, another movie of FBB featuring Huang Xiaoming that came out only last year. Therefore, I do not anticipate this one at all, but it may be interesting to watch for the beautiful costumes and characters ^^.  Also, Zhang Yimou is going to collaborate in this movie, which is a huge bonus!



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