[Recap] Run Brother Grand Finale, who is the Champion?




OMG, it is here and I was not even aware, silly me. The twelfth episode of Run Brother is in reality the LAST episode of season two! The editing team sure made the episode nostalgic (by adding a lot of cuts from precedent episodes)… what did you guys think?

First of all, before I start recapping, lets talk about what have been trending about Run Brother in the news. The season three is confirmed and rumored to start in October! 🙂 *throw confetti as a celebration* I am extremely happy since Sun Li promised to appear if they renew RB ^^ As for the change of crew, it seems Wang Baoqiang will be added to the cast while Angelababy may leave… but again, all of these are rumors


This is the follow-up of last week episodes… The members wake up one at the time. First is Deng Chao and he receives a mission: wake up Bao Bei Er and watch his head for him… this continues till the everyone wake up, and the missions are all very cozy. When the group arrives to Tang Yan and Liu Yan’s room, they realize the two girls have disappeared with their passports… HAHAHA… XD the reactions of the RB members are so fake and over exaggerated it is hilarious… As the grand finale of Run Brother, their mission: fight out the WINNER of season 2!!


They must now go on the beach to accept new challenges. Hehe, looking at this episode makes me realize how much I want to go to the sea!! Like seriously, the landscape makes me awe…8D


First game: get the flag and bring it first to the beaches. It is funny how the weak ones (Wang Zulan, Angelababy and Bao BeiEr) while the Stong ones (Li Chen, Deng Chao) are the last ones to get out of the water. XD Watch if you wanna see the boys get wet in the most “I am pretty and I know it” way ^^


Second game: two components attached by a rope, must get to the flag first to win. In more common words: the strongest the winner. I find the way they made the teams really silly, since they putted all the strong ones together and the weak ones against each other. Among the multiple competitions, my favorites are:


1- Chen He VS Zheng Kai. Despite going to the gym all the time, Zheng Kai seems to be a lot worse than Chen He. Everyone laugh and declares maybe fat is better than muscles… LOL


2- Deng Chao VS Li Chen. Deng Chao tries really hard by no matter what he does, it seems he is weaker than Li Chen (well… kind of obvious if u ask me)… so he ask for help. Instead of running to the flags, he suggests going deeper so that they can swim. Also, Li Chen should give him five steps in advance. XD He still manage to fail miserably and the RM crew laugh at him, saying he is creating a backwards swimming technique. LOL

3- Kudos to Wang Zulan for playing it smart and getting the second place.


Last segment: the members must go to a deserted island and through a rock paper scissor rip name tag game, they must fight out a winner. Only the winner get to leave this island and there is additional name tags through out the place.


During the last game, Chen He makes multiple alliances but none of them really work out. In the end, Zheng Kai is the one who wins :”D Wang Zulan however did put out a good game this time around, so kudos again to him.



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