Liu Shishi next drama: 那年青春我们正好 Our Happy Years


HEHE, SUPER HAPPY ABOUT THE CASTING! :)) This drama held a press conference on the 4th of July, 2015 and presented its whole cast.

For the female lead, we have Liu Shishi (our of my favorite c-actresses, she has a lot of awesome series such as Bubujingxin and Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei). For the male lead, we have Zheng Kai (fix cast on Run Brother, he acted in series with Hangeng and Rainie Yang… his series with Zhao Liying is coming out soon too ^^). The drama talk about the cruel world of professional dancing.

The netizens are, like myself, very happy about this combination and call the two ““狮豹组合” (aka Lion Leopard Team). The press conference took place in Beijing.

It is said the production team of this movie also did “You who Came from the Stars”. Not a lot of news on the filming (which is going to start soon) or the story line, so here are some fan made posters for you guys:

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Press Conference:



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