The Great Wall 长城 Holds Press Conference with Powerful Casting


  • Cast: Andy Lau, Wang Junkai (TFBoys), Luhan, Lin Gengxin, Chen Xuedong, Eddie Peng, Zheng Kai, Matt Damon, Zhang Hanyu, Jing Tian, Yang Mi
  • Release date: 2016
  • Director: Zhang Yimou

This new movie seems super star packed! It just finished filming  at the start of July 2015 and the cast got together for it’s press conference. The Great Wall is a movie designed for the worldwide public and intend to be presented on the big screen in every major countries. Some of its main cast, such as Eddie Peng and Chen Xuedong, sadly did not go the press conference.

Storyline (from wikipedia):

Set in Northern Song Dynasty, the story is about a group of foreign mercenaries and their companions and the mysteries that revolve around the Great Wall of China.

The whole movie will be presented in English (sincerely hope they are going to use dub because a lot of Chinese stars have weird accent when speaking in English *.*) and is said to have 135$ budget. The filming took place at Qingdao. So much anticipation, sigh…

Cast promotion pictures:

005IaC2Vgw1etg90by0bxj30rs0ii79x 005IaC2Vgw1etg90p3tvdj30rs0iijx9

Cast Individual pictures during the press conference:


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