[Movie Review] You’re My Sunshine by Huan Xiaoming and Yang Mi


I admit, I were really afraid to watch this movie because of all the bad reviews and ratings I saw on Weibo. However, on a sad morning of this lonely summer, I decided to give it a go… Totally did not regret my choice! Yes, the movie was cliché and too fast pathed, but I enjoyed it as a blockbuster ! Here is my little review:

Cast: Huang Xiaoming, Yang Mi and Co. (more information below)

Okay, already here, I want to insert some of my personal comments… the number of guests stars in this movie is crazy! We have Angelababy (Run Brother), Xie Yilin (Tiny Times), Sui He (Victoria Secret model), Tao (ex-EXO member), Tong Dawei (Tiger Mom), Ma Su, etc. And what do they get? About 10 seconds to 2 minutes max of appearance each =.= and perhaps a big 8 minutes in total. So yeah… a little disappointed on this point since I was pretty much: “Yeah it is  Xie Yilin on screen!…[30 seconds later]… never mind, she is gone” at each of their screen shots.


A reputed lawyer reconnects with his first love in Shanghai after seven years. She comes back with big news, but can he forgive her for the harms done during their campus years?

Some gorgeous stills:

I would give this movie a generous 8/10 since every screenshot was gorgeous; compare to a lot of movies, it at least has a plot; the acting is not all bad; and I loved the story! For someone who does not have the energy to watch full episodes of My Sunshine drama version, this one has pretty much everything I need to know in a short one hour and half.


Chemistry of the main couple:

As you guys probably now: Huang Xiaoming was dating (now married) Angelababy during the filming of this movie. Having both acting as brother and sister in the movie…. not at good idea at all. HXM does even dare look at Angelababy, fearing to have sparkles with her… Does anyone else see the problem? :”) Okay, seriously now. HXM and Yang Mi play a nice couple, but instead of feeling they are in love, I can only feel the tension between them through out the movie. Even during their era of happy moment, I thought to myself “Okay, something bad is going to happen” instead of “Woah… so romantic”… However, considering this is a melodrama movie, it is borderline acceptable. The persona of Huang Xiaoming is kind of “crazy/drunk in love” and “I love you and I hate you” towards Yang Mi which is point on accurate… if that is what he was going for. Yang Mi’s persona is a “I am sorry I hurted you… but I still love you” and it is average. That may because I am not a big fan of Yang Mi’s acting which comes out as superficial.


Side Characters:

Because that is what those guest stars are: side characters that comes and goes… no constant at all. I am sure they were developed better in the drama version, but I personally am happy with how the movie executed the movie. Sure, I would love to have more scenes with Xie Yilin or Tong Dawei, but they were given their right amount of screen time and their character served their purpose. Apart from Tao and Sui He who kinda overacted in such a not smoothly way and Tong Dawei who TOTALLY made me cringe with his terrible terrible (terrible) English… the rest of the guests did an excellent job!


So gorgeous! Look at the stills above for an avant-gout… because it is pretty much this quality through out the movie. I personally loved it and as a romantic person totally became jealous of the characters for living in such a beautiful and romantic context. However, the editing may sometimes be TOO WELL done, in such a way that it feels photo shopped and filtered at all time. I don’t mind it, but some views may…



Story=The biggest problem of this movie for the general public. And indeed, there is a lot of plot twists! [SPOILERS*** Mosheng (Yang Mi) comes back completely broke to Shanghai, telling Yichen (HXM) she got married and divorced in NY. We later discover she has an adopted kid there and that his ex-husband (Tong Dawei) is a bankable entrepreneur who comes back to get her. Yichen has a diligent butler (Tao) that everyone thinks is gay for Yichen but we discover it is only because Yichen helped his family in the past. The sister of Yichen, Yimei, is actually her adoptive sister and in love with him. We also discover the family of Mosheng is the reason of Yichen’s dad’s suicide and Yichen; the reason of her families downfall. They broke up during their university year because Yichen pushed her away, knowing all the truth***] <= Yeah, a lot of plot twists, with some additional flashbacks from university years and friendly moments with besties; bref, a lot going on for a sole 90 minutes movie! Online, a lot of people consider the movie too rushed and not enough time given to the development of characters. I personally loved that elements because it caught my attention through out the movie. Overall, not a bad movie if you want something fun to watch, but you may be disappointed if you watch it hoping to see something well-rounded and deep.


7 thoughts on “[Movie Review] You’re My Sunshine by Huan Xiaoming and Yang Mi

  1. Bin says:

    I would of love this too if I didn’t read the book or watch the drama version. Wallace Chung as Yichen was too memorable.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Humm… I watched the movie on youtube (just write 何以笙箫默 and the one over 1:45 long should be the movie) but there is no eng sub.


    • Katrina Bramall says:

      Hi, as I’m a fan of Xiaoming and am currently learning mandarin, I decided to have a go at subbing this. I’ve uploaded my version to Youtube and would welcome feedback. You can find the video at


  2. Lia says:

    i like this version better than the drama one mostly not because of the boring too long plot or dragging story but because Yang Mi’s acting is much better than Tiffany Tang (not a fan of Yang Mi and will never be a fan of Tiffany she is such a boring actress). Gotta admit that the movie is more interesting because the actors’s acting is superb, wallace chung as Yichen on drama version is actually the actor whom brought life to the drama but here Huang and Yang have same level of acting so that’s why I think that the movie version is better. Yeah i watched it without eng sub, guess no eng sub available yet.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      The movie? 😦 that sucks, coz a lot of C-movies get Eng Sub automatically. I don’t know how bad Tang Yan’s acting is, but Yang Mi and HXM both didn’t impressed me with their performances. However, they made the movie interesting and fun to watch 😀


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