[Feature] Beautiful Dances in Ancient Dramas


It has been a while since we did a special feature. Here is a new one about Chinese ancient dramas, and more specifically, Chinese actresses dancing in them. These are all from dramas or movies I have seen (more dramas though) during my life. Yes, while I was watching the drama, these scenes really stood out to me because of how pretty the dancers looked in that specific scene and how that dance gave me such a long lasting impression.

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In the drama Emperor’s Harem where Ady An was lead, the character that stood out the most to me is Shao Qing Zi played by C-actress Lv Yi (Lu Yi). As a maiden in the palace from a good family, SQZ had to use all methods to attract the attention of the emperor so she can get the convoited title of concubine. As a trained dancer, dancing was her obvious way to get to the heart of the emperor (or at least get him in her bed). Her character in this drama was quiet sad, and really, with the talent she had shown, I wish her path to become a concubine would have been easier. These dances are all gorgeous and it is sad to see the lack of interest the emperor showed to her at first.

Liu Yifei in Return of the Condor Heroes 2006 (go to 4:16 for the best part!) Liu Yifei is the floating angel of China Mainland. With ballet background and the face of a fairy, she is so pretty it is breathtaking. In this, she had the perfect role for herself: Xiaolong Nu. She was so gorgeous and all her fighting scenes are breathtaking. I know it is not technically dancing, but gosh, I am telling you, you can’t do these moves without dancing background. No need for more introduction. Here is the clip.

Another great scene. Here is actress Chen Hao dancing as Diao Chan in the 2010 adaptation of the Three Kingdoms. The character Diao Chan is known in Chinese culture as being one of the prettiest girl in the world, one of the four classical beauties. As I was watching Three Kingdoms, a drama with mostly only men, her apperance in the story was so refreshing. AND when she started dancing, her seductive mode was on and efficient. Love her!

Liu Shi Shi‘s cameo as Yellow Maiden in the Yi Tian Tu Long Ji epic. It was a small role, but I think she totally did justice to the character. Yellow Maiden is the daughter of Yang Guo and Xiaolong Nu. Hence, she has to be pretty, good at floating in the air and fighting! Which was obviously the case in this video. LSS is gorgeous as always. I think that whole adaptation was bad in general with the exception of Ady An and Liu Shi Shi’s performances in it.

BONUS: Liu Shi Shi dance video compillation where she dances on the popular Chinese song, Little Apple.

Zhang Ziyi in House of Flying Daggers. This movie was so well received in the whole world and really put a light to Chinese culture and art. Her dancing here is spectacular and you can really feel all the emotions in it. Bonus, she has like a perfect body that at some level, it is not fair!

To end it all, a lot of them together! This is a compillation of multiple famous C-actresses dancing and fighting in gorgeou choreography. I spot Liu Tao in this clip and she is so pretty!


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