EXO Update: What is Kris, Luhan, Tao, and Lay doing?


China must have a new policy about returning artists in the mainland industry, because a wave of them (more specifically the hallyu wave) is coming back! Here is a quick update on the activities of the ex-EXO and current EXO Chinese members in China! I will do a summary of the projects of each of them since a lot of news came up today 🙂

EXO is a Korean band which consists originally of twelve members: eight Korean and four Chinese. They started promoting in China in 2011 and became huge among the c-fans. Since their rise in popularity, three members have already left the band (Kris, Luhan, and Tao) and are now pursuing solo careers in China.


First, we have Kris Wu. He left SM Entertainment in 2014 with the support of Chinese fans and returned to his mother land. Wu Yifan is extremely popular in China and when I went to travel in China recently, I could easily spot him on CFs for ice tea and ice creams. Among the most popular stars, he starred in Somewhere Only We Know with Wang Likun and sang the OST for Tiny Times 3. In the future, his variety show with Fan Bingbing and his movie with Liu Yifei are going to be released. Kris is also participating in three other movies. He is recently confirmed to appear in a movie with Han Geng (yeah!~)


Next, we have Luhan! Luhan left SM four five months after Kris and is currently working on a movie with Yang Mi. On July 13th, he attained 30 billions hashtag to his name… a world record! O.O His next project is The Great Wall with Matt Damon and a few other movies.


Tao is the last one to leave SMtown (to date..huhuhu). It has been confirmed today (July 13th) and he is preparing a comeback mini album in China. Not too much to be said about his Chinese promotions except his recent guest appearance on You re My Sunshine and a few other variety shows. His mini album is said to be released on the 23rd July.


Finally, we have Lay. He is starring in the variety show Go Fighting, recently appeared on Run Brother as a guest star, and is a main star in the next movie of Guo Jingming “Oh My God”, starring Zhang Ziyi, Lay, and Chen Xuedong. With the rest of the EXO members, he is sporting a CF for lemon tea in China.

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