Popularity Ranking on TV: Top 50 of First Half of 2015


Happy Monday people! We all have favorite entertainment personality that we hope will continue to rise in popularity. Well, here it is, the data list of most tagged celebrities of C-Entertainment on TV. This data has been collected together by Vlinkage, a website dedicated to this kind of researches.

1. Tang Yan

2. Wallace Chung

3. Li Yifeng

4. Fan Bingbing

5. Li Chen

6. William Chan

7. Hawick Lau

8. Janine Chang

9. Hans Zhang

10. Chen He

11. Yang Mi

12. Yang Yang

13. Huang Xiaoming

14. Zhao Liying

18. Deng Chao

19. Chen Xiao

20. Zheng Kai

21. Lee Jong Suk

22. Zheng Shuang

23. Viann Zhang

24. Tong Liya

25. Liu Yifei

Other popular stars on the ranking:

26. Sun Li

28. Liu Shishi

29. Aarif Lee

30. Angelababy

31. Wang Likun

32. Liu Tao

34. Michelle Chen

35. Ma Tianyu

39. Hu Ge

40. Ruby Lin

46. Gao Yuanyuan

47. Tong Dawei

49. Jing Boran



2 thoughts on “Popularity Ranking on TV: Top 50 of First Half of 2015

  1. archidisign says:

    Person, I am not that surprised by the lack of Kris and Luhan in this ranking. All the names here had projects on the small screen in 2015 (either variety show or dramas) and it is definitely not the case of Krishan. :’D Hope Zhao Liying’s ranking will get higher by the end of this year! *hope*


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