Dad Where Are you Going 3 VS Superman is Back


The two variety shows, known for appearing for the first time (each for their respective season 1) in the same year. Both are extremely popular and I thought it could be interesting to write an article for them at the same time…

While Dad 3 is premiering soon, Superman 2 is announcing its grand finale.

Dad Where Are you Going 3 is anticipated on Weibo. Even though its rating dropped during the second season, the third one may bring better results. Here are the posters:

Release date: 10th July, 2015

Superman is Back 2

I don’t follow Superman is Back at all but from what I heard, it is just as popular (if not more!) than Dad Where Are you Going! The kids on this show are obviously a lot younger and more dependent on their daddy. Also, instead of outings, they hang out at home.

Star Kids: 小王子Jagger, 平衡木公主奥莉, 嗯哼大王, 女汉子甜馨

Release date: 9th May, 2015


2 thoughts on “Dad Where Are you Going 3 VS Superman is Back

  1. mic says:

    I’m kinda keeping up with Superman is back. All the kids are really sweet and cute. But it feels weird watching like each segment is noticeably longer because one family dropped out. Dad is back S3 is all new cast? I hope they are more careful filming it because Feynman’s injury was really unfortunate


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