Kris Wu and Han Geng to Star in Movie 夏有乔木 Together


I love this picture, but FYI: this is not going to be an yaoi (homosexual) movie

Cast: Han Geng, Kris Wu Yifan, Joo Won, Lu Shan

The filming will take place in Korea’s countryside and Beijing. It has already started but considering how Han Geng recently got injured, it has be pushed back a little bit.


Haha, I feel like this project is a big “in your face” to SM Entertainment. Both Hangeng and Kris Wu were past members of that company so for them to get together for a new project is a somehow odd news. Seriously, Chinese Entertainment, at least for their modern series and variety shows, owns a lot to the Korean industry.

In this movie, Kris will be taking the lead role of 夏木 while Han Geng is only a secondary character. 夏木 (Kris Wu) is a child with a disturbing past as he was stuck with his mom’s corpse in the same room for three days when he was young and has been taking care by 舒雅望 (Lu Shan), an architect student six years older than him. When 舒雅望’s boyfriend (Han Geng) find a new girlfriend which whom he intend to marry, 夏木 seeks revenge for 舒雅望 and ends in prison. Years later, 舒雅望 realizes her feelings for 夏木 but it is already too late.

The female lead of this movie is Lu Shan, a new actress who is also going to star in Nirvana on Fire. The project’s name in Chinese is SUMMER HAVE STREES AT PARADISE.



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