Yang Mi and Li Yifeng Spotted Filming Movie Fall in Love with a Star


The stars of most popular movies of the moment, Li Yifeng (Forever Young 2015) and Yang Mi (Tiny Times 4) are regular figures on the C-Entertainment headlines these days: can you imagine a movie with both as the leads?

Well, not only are the two heavily promoting these days, have acted in a wildly popular drama in 2014 (Ancient Sword)… but they are also said to act in movie Starlight together! Said to be released in 2016, the two stars filmed the movie in June and July 2015. The story line is very straight forwaard: Li Yifeng plays a rich guy and Yang Mi an ambitious new actress.

Here are the newly released stills:

704_1684490_807299 704_1684495_395756 66132_1238912_370286 66132_1238915_199047 66132_1238918_832464 10406731_863410897014986_6694198010158133714_n

Here are the behind the scenes pictures (haha, the two looks lovey dovey ❤ )

005Aa4KEgw1etum7ju2t9j30hs0bwtam 005Aa4KEgw1etum7mxppuj31kw148aok  005IkmlTgw1eu10c39s6cj30c8081t9f 005vViKgjw1etyl0jpwnaj30c806at9c  e7a0bd05jw1etymth88ekj20hs0btmxt e7a0bd05jw1etymtiy49pj20hs0bsdgz  e7a0bd05jw1etymtltbf7j20hs0bs0ug e7a0bd05jw1etymtn3kmlj20hs0btjta


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