[Variety] The Voice of China 4 Welcomes back Summer!


Two words: Jay Chou. *Nod Nod, I know*… The sensational and trendy Jay is finally on the show! Since season 2, the PD’s of The Voice tried to book him as a coach but Jay Chou has never shown any interest. However, with his high profile wedding last year, Jay Jay seems ready to be back in the public eye. With past coach Na Ying, Harlem Yu, and Wang Feng… they are here to heat up this summer!

Here is a quick summary of the first episode 🙂 I only followed the first season and half of the second season so it has been some time since I didn’t watch this show ^^. The show starts with the four coach each performing one for their hit songs. The set up for Jay Chou’s scene is really nice and we can really see they putted a lot of effort. Otherwise, kudos to all for them… their songs are awesome!


Na Ying sang 青花瓷

Na Ying is the most consistent coach on this show: she has participated in four seasons of The Voice and raised two champions during last four summers. Everyone loves her for a reason and she is extremely carefree, funny, powerful, and well established. Among the modern female singers: Faye Wong and Na Ying are the most well known (perhaps A-Mei and GEM too, but that is another story…). She has so many of my favorite hit songs and I love her a lot. Behind Jay Chou, she is the most popular coach on this show.


Jay Chou sang 默

From the interacting of the different coaches, it is fun to see Jay Chou so well integrated among the coaches! Ha, my baby is taken care by :”D… He is definitely the most popular coach today (3 out of 6 contestants chose him) and so many fan girls came to the filming to encourage him. I guess it is quite normal, since we (people in the 20s to 30s) grown up listening to his songs. Considered as the Prince of Asia, he had SO MANY hits songs in the 2000s and was among the first to introduce mandopop to Asia… SO YES, my baby deserves all the fame he is getting O:)… A lot of people chose Jay because he is a famous compositor and singer. I will probably write an article about his hit songs this summer. During the episode, Jay Jay was extremely natural while interacting with the contestants and coaches and would often sing with them. It is funny how his tactic to get students is “Don’t choose me”… because they still end up choosing him XD.


Harlem Yu sang 一起摇摆

Harlem is a famous Taiwanese singer. He is extremely well known as a “high” singer who does Heat Up songs with a lot of beats….XD He is extremely funny and laugh all the time. Despite his young looks, he is actually the oldest O.O… wait, what? I think it is his second or third time on The Voice. His most famous student is Momo Wu, who sang Price Tag ^^


Wang Feng sang 春泥

Finally, there is Wang Feng and this is his second time on The Voice. My favorite song from him is Beijing Beijing. A lot of Chinese guys I know LOVES his songs and would sing it all the time at KTV…. Indeed, his songs are captivating and despite been the latest of the four coaches to gain fame, he is still well established and had hit after hit. WF is engaged to Zhang Ziyi (my goddess… snif :P) I recommend you to check his MVs. He is not an eloquent speaker but seesvery genuine and honest. WF has a countryside and rock and roll vibe, if that makes any sense…

This week, not a lot of contestants where presented: only six of them! From what I read online, this season has only 50 contestants (in the past, they had an average of 60) from which a good portion comes from every country of the world O.O.


陈梓童… She sang 双截棍 and got all four votes. Personally, her songs did not woah me at all 😡


贝贝, she sang 花火, which is Wang Feng’s song. Her version was really good even though I still prefered the original


李安 who sang 逝去的爱. OMG, his voice is so nice and smooth, I was pratically falling in love!! Definetely my favorite… I loved how Jay Chou tried to talk down Harlem in order to get him XD


She is from Thailand (I think… correct me if I am wrong ._.) and is only sixteen year old!!!! Crazy right? All the coaches said she is a genius singer since she is able to gasp the right rhythm, vibe, tune, and tone without any professional teaching. She learnt it all diy and clearly has a crystal clear voice. They think she is personicating Teresa Teng perfectly. 朗噶拉姆 did not get chosen


谭轩辕 sang Still Loving You. It was very good but I did not like the song he choose so I am not sure yet if I love this contestant or not.

朱强 sang 但愿人长久 and got chosen by Na Ying. 徐林 sang 姐姐 and was recruited by Jay Chou. 姐姐 was a really nice song and I really liked his performance!

THE END of my first impressions of the first episode… Tell me what you guys thought ^^


4 thoughts on “[Variety] The Voice of China 4 Welcomes back Summer!

  1. I watched the first episode too and I’m loving it! 🙂 Jay definitely seems like he was well integrated with the coaches. He speaked a lot and I felt as if he was the main host of the night. Wang Feng, however, was really quiet, probably because Jay took over his role of asking “What is your dream?” Still, good episode and I’m looking forward to the next soon 🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      ^^ Yeah… Me too, I felt like all the attention was on Jay Chou the whole night (not that I am complaining, but I feel a little bad for the other coaches :P) Wang Feng is usually quiet, maybe he will talk more next time?~


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